What do you base your opinion on when you look at a work of art, someone’s face or even nature?

How do you distinguish what is beautiful from what isn’t?
And what is the essence of beauty?

Our story begins here, from a profound sense of gratitude towards our grandparents, who were able to pass on to us the great mystery of beauty, without asking for anything in return.

The smell of the earth recently ploughed, the geometric shapes drawn across the hills, the grape must tasted directly from the press during harvest, running through the fields of wheat, the delightful impromptu picnics in the countryside, the signs of time etched on our grandparents’ faces while their hands describe the beauty of work, land and family.

This beauty was gifted to us and we have the duty to treasure it, protect it and pass it on to others, intact.
Not only because this is our history, but also because this is the history which represents US, the Vallesina, the Marche.
We could even say that our heritage is our identity.

Azienda Agricola Rovegliano was founded in the same district where our grandparents were born, raised and worked for years.

To honour them, we created a brand using their surnames, Marasca and Rossi, giving our clients a little piece of their story.

Our company philosophy and ambition is to continue what they started many years ago.

To be respectful of the land and surrounding nature, we practise organic farming techniques, while introducing cutting edge technology, which allows us to continually improve the quality and maintain the integrity of the ingredients, producing an exquisite final product.

We are Matteo and Luca , we are brothers and we are eager to tell you our story in person.

We are waiting for you at our winery.